360Cash was established in 2005 with the specific objective of providing services and solutions to the cash services industry.  The company’s mission is to “Give Control back to the Owner”.  Overall, the ethos of the company is to understand and focus on helping to achieve the business objectives of our customers.   To succeed in these objectives we believe strongly in the need to work in partnership with customers and to engender an open and honest relationship between our businesses.  Transparency is the key to success and continued improvement and this is one of 360Cash’s core values.
360Cash have developed a different strategy for maintenance especially the maintenance of banknote note sorting systems.  We believe that the market is ready for change and that this change will have significant positive effect upon system availability and therefore upon cash centre productivity.

Today, the current maintenance method provided to the cash services market is mainly ‘Break-fix’.   As the name implies, with the Break-fix method, although routine preventive maintenance is conducted periodically, the systems are normally repaired when they fail.

Through our long association with the cash services business, 360Cash has developed close relationships with many providers to the industry. 
  • High Speed Banknote Processing
  • Banknote Counters
  • Retail Cash Solutions
  • Banknote Serial Number Recognition and Reading
  • ATM Management Software
  • ATM Cassette and ATM Refurbishment

360Cash not only provides these solutions but also, delivers a complete service including installation and ongoing maintenance.

Call us now on 01270 211565
Fax : 44 5601 262290
OR mail on admin@360cash.co.uk
Unit F3 Scope House,
Weston Road,
Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6DD
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