High Speed Banknote Processing:

  • 360Cash represents Non Linear Concepts Inc. in the UK.  NLC was founded in 2005 as a technology start-up company designs develops and manufactures high speed currency processing systems.  Based in Irving, Texas, Non Linear Concepts mission is to be the leading supplier of currency processing equipment and services by delivering best-of-breed technology

Banknote Counters:

360Cash provides a wide range of banknote counters from simple piece counters to the more sophisticated value and authentication counters.  We also provide and banknote counter that is compliant for authentication and fitness with the European Central Bank’s (ECB) Framework for cash recycling.
  • Digital Verification
  • Magner International
  • Currency Tech

Retail Cash Solutions

  • The retail sector is the largest handler of cash and in many cases the least automated.  We have established a business relationship with CashGuard AB a Swedish company established for many years in the retail cash sector.  Today, CashGuard has over 12,000 installations worldwide

Banknote Serial Number Recognition and Reading:

  • Banknote Serial Number Recognition and Reading provides a unique opportunity for the cash services industry and law enforcement agencies to track and secure individual banknotes.  360Cash represents the pioneer of this technology, iCVn, a company based in Baltimore, Maryland.  iCVn hold many patents in this technology arena.

ATM Management Software

  • ProfitStars is part of Jack Henry Associates a $1billion US based company that specialises in providing software solutions to retail banks and ATM owners.  ATM Manager Pro is a highly versatile web based ATM management system.  As well as managing the asset/estate itself, ATM Manager Pro has an events manager and a highly sophisticated cash forecasting system.
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ATM Cassette and ATM Refurbishment

  • 360Cash specialises in the refurbishment and repair of ATM cassettes.  As well as undertaking repair we also provide a cassette tracking service and repair history data
  • Additionally we also refurbish ATMs that have been pre-installed and subsequently removed from their location for reinstallation.  We provide various levels of refurbishment from simple assessment through to complete overhaul and refurbishment