360Cash have developed a different strategy for maintenance especially the maintenance of banknote note sorting systems.  We believe that the market is ready for change and that this change will have significant positive effect upon system availability and therefore upon cash centre productivity.

Today, the current maintenance method provided to the cash services market is mainly ‘Break-fix’.   As the name implies, with the Break-fix method, although routine preventive maintenance is conducted periodically,

  the systems are normally repaired when they fail. Clearly, repairing a system when it fails is necessary and should be undertaken in an efficient and timely manner in order to bring the system back into production with the minimum  loss of production time.  However, in our view, the ‘Break-fix’ mentality drives a regime whereby the maintenance engineers wait until the system fails before taking action instead of being pro-active and seeking to maintain the system positively and before a catastrophic and potentially prolonged system outage takes place.